Jan 30 2016

Valentines Day Thai Massage

Learn how to give your Valentine a Thai Massage! During the workshop you will receive about 50 minutes of massage and learn how to reciprocate the techniques on your partner!

Partner suggested but not necessary If you want to come solo then we’ll match you up with a new friend or you’ll be the person I demo on!

$20 each person at the door
$15 each if you prepay!


Bring a blanket and or a comfortable mat per partnership

Kira Krick @flying_slackrobat will be leading the workshop. She has a significant understanding of the human body from her studies in Naturopathic medical school. She loves sharing healing techniques with others and helping people connect to their capacity to be compassionate and caring towards others. She recently traveled to Thailand to study Thai Massage and flying therapeutics for a 30 day training.

Darren Steinbach @travelingDarren has been Kira’s acrobatic partner for 3 years. They make it a point to end each training session with Thai Therapeutics for each other, so Darren has had a lot of opportunities to practice his skills. He is incredibly caring and receptive in his therapeutic touch.

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