Family Circus

Join us for a round-robin of circus fun!

All Ages no experience needed

Try your hand at Poi Spinning- Poi comes to us from New Zealand and is a way to tell stories- akin to Hula- Poi can be a ball attached to a string- a ball in a sock or a kevlar wick on a chain that can be lit on fire. The Poi are swung in rhythmic patterns to create geometries around the body.

Martial Staff – Has a long history in many countries, but most familiarly in Asian Martial arts, such as Kung Fu. Staffs can be made of wood, metal or bamboo and are swung around the body in fluid patterns.

Juggling– There are murals of jugglers from ancient Egypt, probably from when the first person picked up a round object!- Simple Juggling starts with three balls, tossed in concentric patterns and caught in sequence.

Prop Manipulation and Flow Arts are great for improving hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

All Props provided. Socially Distanced.