Jan 25 2016

Prop-A-Gate! Immersive Practitioner Retreat with special guest Marvin ONG!

Join us March 4, 5 & 6 , 2016 in Tucson AZ for an Immersive Practitioner Retreat with Special guest Marvin Ong!logo

Cost is $175.00 and is inclusive

of camping, some meals and local travel.

Propagate Intro & Description:

Creative movement, circus skills, and related flow activities continue to thrive as a means for our personal expression, meditation and joy. “Prop-a-gate” provides a dynamic context for personal connection, knowledge, exploration and creation. Diversifying the practices and creativity of twirlers, jugglers, and object manipulators is the purpose behind our gathering. Prop-a-gate is a progressive retreat style event that is designed to provide a rare opportunity for networking, learning, co-creation and the development of visual striking media. It is our intention to provide participants with unique opportunities to incorporate or further develop forms of movement arts that complement their twirling, juggling or related prop based skills. Please join us for this special immersive event, so that we may meet each other, share together, collectively draft and ultimately create something that speaks to the time we spent together.

Weekend Program Overview:

Propagate has been structured to provide an intentional balance between social opportunities skill expansion, creative development, as well as capturing of visually striking digital media. Each day and aspect of programming makes time and space for these components.

On Friday participants will arrive and check in at the Flam Chen Ranch between the times of 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM and participants may setup for camping at this time. Shorty thereafter there will be a weekend orientation followed by a casual fire circle that will close at 10:00 PM. Friday programming will not include catering, although kitchen facilities will be available on this night.

Saturday morning breakfast will be served relatively early, as the Flam Chen Tour Bus will be shuttling participants to the ZUZI DANCE studio for a morning workshop session. During this morning workshop session participants will receive instruction in poi and club techniques from our special guest Marvin Ong of MOPS . In addition to Marvin’s Workshops participants will also be provided with demos, coaching and exercises incorporating dance, theatrical and acrobatic concepts (courtesy of the Tucson Circus Arts staff). That afternoon the Flam Chen bus will collect participants from the Zuzi Studio and return them to the Flam Chen Ranch for a catered lunch and an afternoon break. Later that evening the bus will shuttle participants to Rhythm Industry Performance Factory for a Co-creating studio session. During this time there will be a group discussion in regards to the direction and goals of our co-creation. After our discussion event participants will be encouraged to work in pairs, small groups an there will be some full group activities. Food will be served in the studio on this evening, so that participants will have ample time to share ideas with each other and session together before the Bus takes everyone back to the rancho at a respectable hour (10PM).

Sunday will be the culmination of everything shared thus far and is setup to take everything to the next level. The day will start once again with breakfast being served at 8am. At 9am the Flam Chen bus will promptly be leaving the ranch in route to a special media session at ARCOSANTI.  Once we arrive at Arcosanti event participants will be introduced to the Propagate media team. We will have a short group meeting with all participants, so that everyone is aware of preset video sessions and group video scheduling. Our professional media team will utilize 2-3DR SOLO drones with 4k cameras, DSLR cameras and a number of action cameras to ensure that we capture some amazing and dynamic footage.

A musical track has been selected by the Artist Binary Hertz specifically for the use of releasing an official Propagate video. All Propagate participants will be included as contributors in production credits. Participants will have access to uncut footage they participated in via Dropbox for full use under the Creative Commons License “attribution by”.

Admission includes the following:

Camping at the Flam Chen Ranch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.
Workshops with Special Guest Marvin Ong.
Coaching on prop integration with TCA instructor team on dance, partner   acrobatics and theater.
Shuttle service to all programming sites.
Video shoot at the otherworldly Arcosanti.
Access to footage captured by the propagate Media team.
Personal accreditation in footage that you participated in that is officially released through the project.

Admission to Propagate: Tickets will be $175 (availability is limited to 30)

Program Dates & Times:

Friday March 4th    4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Saturday March 5th    8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday March 6th         8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Monday March 7th           8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Friday Schedule:

4:00 pm: Check in at Rancho opens (greeter station opens and space is open for camp setup/jam)
7:30 pm: Weekend orientation (welcome, overview, thanks plus Q&A)
8:30 pm: Open fire circle (social fire circle with truss setup, safety station and fuel dump)
10:00 pm: Close Fire Circle (approx. time, close no later then 10:30pm)

Saturday Schedule:

8:00 am: Breakfast Bar opens at rancho (All participants are included)
9:00 am: Bus Leaves for morning workshop session (destination Zuzi Dance studio)
9:30 am: Arrive at Zuzi, doors open (morning welcome, cardio and warm-up/stretching)
10:00 am: Poi manipulation workshop with Marvin Ong (Technical & creative methods)
11:00 am: Club manipulation workshop with Marvin Ong (Technical & creative methods)
12:00 pm: Creative movement with TCA (stylizing prop skills for dance/theatrical presentation)
1:00 pm: Bus Departs from Zuzi for Feast & Flow (Destination Reid Park Ramada)
1:30 pm: Mid-day Feast & Flow begins (Picnic Lunch and jam time at Reid Park Ramada)
4:00 pm: Feast & Flow ends (break down picnic setup and Bus departs to RI by 4:30pm)
5:00 pm: Co-creation Lab at RI Begins (Warm-up, group discussion & creative movement drills)
6:00 pm: Participant creation (focus on duo/duet, small group, ensemble and visual effect material)
7:30 pm: Dinner is served at RI (prepared at Rancho and delivered to RI, open Jam until session end)
9:30 pm: Session end (session notes, break-down RI, bus departs for Rancho by 10:00 pm)

Sunday Schedule:

8:00 am: Breakfast bar opens at the Rancho (All participants are included)
9:00 am: Bus leaves for media session (destination Arcosanti)
12:30 pm: Bus arrives at Arcosanti (Approx. arrival time, includes rest stops)
1:00 pm: Lunch is served in Arco cafeteria (up to 36 participants and crew included)
2:00 pm: Orientation with media crew (Introductions, overview and discuss creative objectives)
2:30 pm: Media capturing session (solo, small group, ensemble and group effect material)
6:30 pm: Dinner is served in Arco cafeteria (up to 36 participants and crew included)
7:30 pm: Bus departs from Arcosanti (approx. destination time at Rancho in Tucson)
10:30 pm: Bus Arrives at Rancho (End of programming, participants are welcome to camp Sunday night)

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