Stilt Class Time Lapse

1 hour of stilt class in 3 minutes!  What a mass of energy 35 kids on sticks are!

Magic Kenny Bang Bang! Magic Fundamentals Series

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3





Prop-A-Gate 2016 Workshop Finale

2016 was the initial year for Prop-A-Gate!  Prop-A-Gate is an annual practitioner based workshop/gathering open to enrollment. This year brought the extraordinary insider talent from the likes of Marvin Ong, Devil Stix Dave, Liam Halstead and our own Chase Archer.

The 2013 Grande Finale for All Souls Procession

This performance each year is the outcome of a year of planning that culminates in an 8 week workshop to create this ceremonial experience!

Cecelia Does a “Pop Up”

Gerry’s Circus Clip

Summer Camp!