Aug 10 2016

Rope Fundamentals and Theory

Rope Fundamentals and Theory with Danny EAUX August 20 & 21, 2016



2-day Corde Lisse Workshop with special guest Instructor Danny Eaux. Note both classes may be taken individually. Please

We will explore together how training fundamental body positions translates to Rope theory and practice. The first part of class after the warm up will be spent working on holding and perfecting the hollow body position. The class will then shift focus to that body position on the Rope as it translates to climbing and prepping for poses or transitions. This course will focus on technique from start to finish. We will work through the class beginning with climbs, inverting technique, front and back balances, then exploring the wheel-down (helicopters) and it’s variations. Students will be encouraged to explore their own styles while working through these skills. Students can expect to leave with the knowledge to continue to train safely and explore movement on the Corde Lisse using these foundational skills.


Teacher Bio:

Danny Eaux is a Circus performer and teacher with experience in aerial, parkour, and dance.

They have performed as a dancer in Colorado since 2007 and started performing as an aerialist focusing on Rope and Straps in November of 2014. At Miraas Circus arts in Denver, Danny has trained with and teaches aerial arts with a focus on Corde Lisse (Rope) and Straps. They have also learned Parkour, Tumbling and Handstands at APEX Movement in Denver, and guest-teaches private lessons and workshops at High Expectations Aerial Arts in Memphis, Tennessee.

Danny’s instruction focuses on injury prevention and skill-building while still encouraging the exploration of personal style through movement and variations.

Class is $45 for training in this specialized skill, or you can take advantage of the weekend discount for $80 and take both Rope Workshop classes (offered on August 20th and the 21st)

Previous Aerial Fabrics experience encouraged but not necessary. Knowledge of Catcher’s Wrap and S-Wrap preferred.  —

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