Learn to Burn- All levels Poi Workshop with Open Fire Jam at MSA Annex

July 1-3   7-8:30pm

(14 to Adult )-Teens Welcome with Guardian permission
Building complex geometries, good form and simple segues, creating choreographies and incorporating movement.

July 4th- 8-10pm Fire Circle at MSA Annex

Light up for family and Friends
limit 10 students- Practice Poi provided
Professional Poi available for purchase $20

$45 for full course  $15 drop in class

Advanced Poi Course with Fire Circle

4 day Advanced Workshop for students who have completed Beginner courses Teens and Adults $75 flat fee $20 For set of Professional Fire POI
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  • For your safety, it is important that your fire poi meet FC fire standards- You can buy them from us or from a reputable dealer.