Ghost River All Souls Crew

 Workshops for Stilt Walkers, Musicians and Dancers

Join us for The All Souls Procession Sunday NOV. 3 2019

“Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color.”
– W.S. Merwin, “Separation”

Observance of the Unseen Realm: Liminal Witnesses

Casting Requirements:
Stilt-artists need to be comfortable negotiating inclines (up and down), possibly ducking through an underpass, carrying items (such as a weighted staff, smoking censer, or chimes), and climbing a staircase (up only, see photo). The Ghost River Walk will have limited lighting. Artists who are especially sensitive to smoke or fragrances may be more comfortable pursuing other opportunities within the event. Ground facilitators (artists not on stilts) will also be needed to guide and assist, helping to light aromatics, attend to items dropped by stilt-walkers, assist with falls, or other incidental needs.

All participants in this effort will be invited to collaborate on the construction of cellophane spirits, sometimes called “packing tape ghosts.” Participants are also strongly encouraged to offer personal perspectives on design specifics, such as choice of aromatics, especially where cultural identities are concerned. The most important element of this offering is our personal connection to it. Artists will benefit greatly from bonding with each other and with the project itself. Please be prepared to find joy and satisfaction in this work!

While there is no specific scripting or choreography, it will be important for stilt-artists to experiment with the different tools and props that we will use in order to deliver a smooth experience on the night of the event. Some artists may find a stronger attachment to one item over another. Cellophane spirits, for example, will be heavier than chimes or censers. Our goal will to spend enough time together to be comfortable with simple configurations and interactions. Scheduling for rehearsals can be flexible, as we expect to see artists from both the Tucson metro area and Phoenix metro area. While most rehearsals will be held in Tucson, accommodations can be made for supplemental practice in or near Phoenix.

11/05/17 All Souls Procession, The Marriage of The Sun and The Moon, Ghost River Walk

Allison Desrosiers is a stilt-artist, tarot reader, health educator, and mermaid. Raised on a steady diet of Mummenschanz and Muppets, Allison studied Elements of 3D Design at the University of Connecticut before attending the Tisch School of Performing Arts at NYU. After ten years as a creative consultant for Gothic design team Funhouse NYC, Allison wound up in the desert, immersed in faith-based studies, EMS work, yoga, and circus arts. Since 2016, Allison has worked with House of Cirque (Phoenix AZ), Circus Farm (Mesa AZ), and Tucson Circus Arts (Tucson, AZ) to learn, collaborate, and provide quality performances throughout Arizona. It is with deep gratitude that Allison shares yet another All Souls experience with this community.

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