Youth Circus Program

Youth Program Overview:

Fall classes begin August 10th!!!

Our program offers comprehensive circus training for youth of all ages and skill levels.

A great place to start is Youth Circus Gym for kids 7 and up or Preschool or Kinder Circus for kids under 7. These classes offer the opportunity to explore a variety of circus arts and let kids discover what most interests them.

From there kids 7 and up should consider joining  a technique class in an area that interests them. We have classes in Silks, Juggling, Twirling, Contortion, Multi Apparatus Aerial and Stilts that they are welcome to join at any level of training.

The Advanced Circus Gym is a performance focused class that allows students to take the skills they are learning and apply performance techniques to them. This is a great class to pair with any technique class when students have reached an intermediate/advanced level of training.


Preschool and Kinder Circus Gym

Returning Soon!



Youth Circus Gym

For youth 7 and up of all experience levels.
An introduction to a variety of circus arts including: juggling and twirling, balance skills such as tightrope and globe walking, tumbling and aerial acrobatics. This is a great class to start with to discover what circus has to offer!

Every Wednesday at 4:00p.m.-5:30p.m.


Advanced Circus Gym

Thursdays 6:00p.m.- 7:30p.m. 

Description: For Youth (that have completed Youth Circus Gym with teacher permission.)

This class is for youth that have reached an advanced level of training in circus and wants to explore performing. The focus of the class is to fine tune skills in the areas that most interests the student and to work on building acts by adding theatrical and performance skills. There are opportunities throughout the semester for the kids to perform and share their art! This class is highly focused on performance, it is strongly encouraged that participants also take a technique class such as Youth Juggling, Kid’s Beginning or Advanced Silks, Beginning Multi Apparatus Aerial or Beginning or Advanced Stilts to get a chance to focus solely on technique.


Family Circus Gym-UPCOMING!! OCTOBER 17, 2015

One Saturday a Month 5:00-6:30

A chance for the whole family to try a variety of circus skills! One member of the group should be an adult or older teen.

Cost is $20 or $5 per person if less than four people