Learn to Burn -Poi spinning Accelerated Crash Course

Fri. Feb.22, 6-7:30pm: Geometry, planes and good forms

Learn the basic families and foundations of poi tricks

Sat. Feb.23, 6-7:30pm: Safety First !

“what to burn ?” “what not to burn? these are the questions…. and we will answer them… plus safe prop construction skills

Sun. Feb.24, 6-9pm: “Graduation!”

IT’s time to show off ! Light up under the safe and watchful eye of poi professionals- Invite your family and friends to your “Learn to Burn” Graduation.

Teens-14 and up (with guardian permission)

Poi is graceful, meditative and exhilarating- all at the same time ! Nadia Hagen has over 2 decades of ¬†experience , performing all over the world in one of the nation’s first and most innovative, Fire troupes, Flam Chen.


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Learn To Burn Poi Workshop

Workshops held at MSA Annex Festival Grounds- 267 S. Avenida Del Convento- Tuition- $75 for all 3 days - Professional Fire Poi included plus fuel and safety for "Graduation "- Attendance for all three days mandatory
  • Fire Poi can be purchased for $20 Practise Poi wil be provided free of charge- You may use Fire Poi purchased elsewhere but we insist on soldered chain links and self locking quick links for safety