Aerial Silk/Tissue

Aerial Silk 

Fall classes begin August 10th!

Monday: 6:00 Mixed Level Silks
Appropriate for all ages and experience levels.
An introduction to strength, flexibility and technique on the silks, as well as an opportunity to expand your aerial training to an intermediate and advanced level.  Recommended in addition to Friday Mixed Level Silks or Mixed Level Multi Apparatus.

Tuesday 4:30 Advanced Youth Silks 
For youth that have completed at least the first sequence in beginning silks class and have teacher permission. Expand your aerial technique on the silks. Recommended in addition to Youth Circus Gym or Advanced Circus Gym.

Thursday 4:30 Youth Silks
For youth of any experience level.
Beginning training for youth on the aerial silks.   Recommended in addition to Youth Circus Gym or Advanced Circus Gym.

Friday 5:30 Mixed Level Aerial Silks
A chance for both Beginning and Intermediate students to get in a second class each week!
Recommended in addition to Monday Mixed Level Silks.

Advanced Aerial Training
Schedule varies. For students of an advanced level of training with
teacher permission.
Expand you training with a group of advanced students. May include
assistant teaching and performing opportunities.

at Rhythm Industry Performance Factory.

Parents are allowed to watch their child’s first session–but are encouraged to give them space to learn.

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