Classes & Workshops

Rhythm Industry Performance Factory is an artist owned & operated facility that offers many different forms of theater, dance and music each and every day of the week.  Most classes are drop in!

TCA scd 2014 fall

Monday 6:00 Beginner silks

Monday 7:30 Int Silks

Tuesday 4:30 Adv. Kid’s Silks

Wednesday 4:00 Circus Gym

Wednesday 8:30 Poi

Thursday 4:30 Kid’s Silks

Thursday 6:00 Adv Circus Gym

Friday 4:30 Kinder

Friday 5:30 Youth Object Manipulation

Friday 5:30 Mixed Level Silks

Saturday 4:30 Family Circus Gym (monthly, next one: Dec. 20th 5:00)

Sunday 2:00 Stretching

Sunday 3:00 Multi Apparatus

TCA class rule and reminders:

Please come to class with hair pulled back in a pony tail or bun for long hair.

Please wear stretchy clothes for moving and working out. For aerial classes clothes should be tight fitting and a leotard and leggings is preferable.

For youth classes parents are encouraged to watch the first class, but please feel free to sit in our comfortable lobby for subsequent classes. It can be a distraction to the students for parents and siblings to be on the side of the dance floor.

Please bring a water bottle! We have a sink, but no drinking fountain.

Class length may vary based on number of participants and teacher discretion as students may get tired earlier than the scheduled time.

If no one shows up within 10 minutes of the start of class, the class will be canceled.

For the best training it is recommended that you take class twice a week. Check out the class descriptions for recommended class pairings.