Mar 21 2018

April Aerial Intensive with AURELIA!!

April Aerial Intensive

Sundays and Mondays From April 9-April 30

7 total workshops

$300 full series

$45 for drop in





Happening at

Rhythm Industry Performance Factory1013 S. Tyndall Ave Tucson, AZ 85719

and at the new

Mercado Annex-267 Avenida Del Convento Tucson, AZ 85745


Aerial conditioning-Flexibility Strengthening and Breath-Sundays

Whether a beginner or a seasoned Aerialist it is important to take the time to train your body to have flexibility and endurance, this workshop focuses on your overall capacity as a mover in the air. It will consist of a one hour floor warmup followed by an hour to an hour and a half of strength, technique and form focus with a short warm down.

Aerial Conditioning & Composition-Mondays

Only available to aerialists with enough strength and background to be up on apparatus for a minimum of 2-4 minutes safely. 30 min floor warmup, 30 minute silks warmup, 1 hour sequence & transition focus, 15 minute sharing/watching warm down & feedback session.

This workshop will focus on applying technique and form to a sequence in the air. This is somewhat of an exploration in transition. How do you get from point A to point B? Discover your own unique movement and style and apply it with outside eyes present, be prepared to give and receive feedback.

Aurelia Anne Cohen

Aurelia Anne Cohen is an accomplished aerialist musician and all around performance art gal.  With many years with Flam Chen under her belt Aurelia  and her husband Jason Dea West has been living in the Northwest, touring, performing being a mom to her lovely son Theo.

We are super excited to have Aurelia back for a visit from her tour schedule with Intuitive Compass,¬† She performed as a guest aerialist this past All Souls Procession Grand Finale and she will be performing in the upcoming Flam Chen performance of The Fishers Wish–at the new Mercado Annex April 19, 20, 26, 27 & 28.

April Aerial Intensive

Register here for our April 2018 Aerial Intensive with Aurelia Mondays and Tuesdays April 9-May 1 Workshops will begin at Rhythm Industry for the first 3 and then move over to the new Mercado Annex main stage space. Please bring cash, check or credit/debit card for payment
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