Our vision is to create Tucson as a substantial winter home for numerous world class teachers, performers and companies. We envision an enormous multiplex facility located in Downtown Tucson that reflects the cutting edge of physical training for circus and performing arts as well as a world class indoor/outdoor performance venue.

Our board is already diverse and international and we will eventually expand to include representatives from prominent circuses and performance schools in the world. This in turn will feed our local community by offering the very best in education and enhancing public life by generating numerous cultural festivities.

One of our proposals for a West Congress St. Headquarters at The Mercado San Agustin

Original CAD images by Alfonso Elia, Ron Roach and Paul Weir

Core Values

  • Well Being: the specific sense of wholeness in the being-the feeling of being able to learn anything-the state of balance between body, mind, and spirit.
  • Participation: by engaging activity one helps to create
  • Practice: the body learns thru repetition-the dendrites are built thru constant activity creating pathways for the body to express freely what it has repeated. Thru Practice we achieve prowess.
  • Safety: the sense that risks can be taken without harm
  • Integrity: the sense, feeling and or realization that something is honest and as true as can be. The sense that something is infused with past moments — history, practice, grounding.