Tucson Circus Arts’ mission is to provide the highest quality and most diverse physical theater, circus and performance training available. We encourage a balanced program of circus, dance, theater, music, martial arts and craft-developing body, mind and spirit thru multi disciplinary activity. Our board and teachers are both nationally and internationally based and always expanding.  Since 2005, we have held year round programs serving several hundred participants annually, creating professional & student experiences unlike any other educational program available.

TCA’s directive is to further perpetuate Circus as a fine art form. Uniting physical theater, dance, music, martial arts and circus arts we believe is the key to helping create well rounded, talented and empowered performers of all kinds.

Our programs are community based, non-competitive and professional. We strive to infuse the creative act as a mode of living and learning through practice, performance, participating and creating modern festal culture.
We see the performer as the conduit for a vision greater then themselves-the healer on a journey towards their own wholeness for the greater good.

Tucson International School of Circus and Performing Arts (TCA) is a subsidiary of Many Mouths One Stomach, a Tucson Based 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Arts Organization. Your tax deductible donation supports performing arts and festal culture in Southern Arizona-Please Donate HERE.

Why Tucson Circus Arts?

Tucson has a lot of Circus!!! -and that’s great- It’s our art form and we are happy to see it flourish!
Why come take class with Tucson Circus Arts?

We are Tucson’s First Circus School-
We opened our doors in 2006- and our students have gone on to perform in professional theaters and start their own circus schools

We are a 501c3 Non- Profit Organization- Our priority is the work, the art form and improving quality of life. Tucson Circus Arts is part of MMOS, the organization creating peak experiences with events like Procession of Little Angels, The All Souls Procession and community collaborations such as Mermaid Parade and Ajo Friendship Day.

Our classes are taught by Superlative Instructors who are working professionals in their fields-
We have had the good fortune to share the talents of performers from Birds Eye Circus, Carpetbag Brigade, Cirque Cirkor, Flight School, The Wonderfools, Wisefool NM and Flam Chen.

We are housed in the only artist- owned building in the state-
When you support TCA, you also support Odaiko Sonora, Sol Axe and the many artists who all play and work at Rhythm Industry-

Core Values

  • Well Being: the specific sense of wholeness in the being-the feeling of being able to learn anything-the state of balance between body, mind, and spirit.
  • Participation: by engaging activity one helps to create
  • Practice: the body learns thru repetition-the dendrites are built thru constant activity creating pathways for the body to express freely what it has repeated. Thru Practice we achieve prowess.
  • Safety: the sense that risks can be taken without harm
  • Integrity: the sense, feeling and or realization that something is honest and as true as can be. The sense that something is infused with past moments — history, practice, grounding.